Quarterly Conference

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Pastoral Report

Recording Steward

Quarterly Conference forms can also be found on the WSG website: http://thewsgdistrictcme.com/. Please note, that these may or may not be fillable PDF's.

Steps to make the file a fillable form:

1- Right click on the form you need

2- Click "save link as"

3- A window will pop up, save it as the name listed or change it.

4- Click Save

5- Once you click save the form might open in Adobe on its own, if not follow steps 6 and 7

6- Go to your "File Folder", find the form and right click on the form

7- Click on "open with" and click on Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once you have completed your report, click on the save button in the top left corner. It will ask you to "save as" and to pick where you want to save it. Click save. You will now have your filled out report saved. You may submit your report by emailing them to Israel_secretary@bellsouth.net with the subject "quarterly conference report for ______________<~~~~ which ever board/ministry" or by dropping them off to the admin building during business hours. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Rosemary or Rev. Adams directly.