To be a dynamic and Spirit filled church investing into diversity and community through the avenue of discipleship by being the true place of R.E.S.T (Reaching, Equipping, Serving, and Transforming!)



Encounter Christ

Encountering Christ is a huge deal in our contemporary culture and continues to be the most significant issue facing the 21st century. By having a genuine encounter with Jesus the Christ we are able connect with a loving and gracious Savior and Lord who is able to meet us at every aspect of our needs!

Embrace Community

Embracing Community is the key to unlocking your God potential. The Christian life is more than just believing; it’s belonging. It is finding a community of faith that enhances our passion for Christ and our pursuit of His purpose at work in our lives. When we find our place, we activate our potential.

Empower People

Empowering People is about coaching people to connect their calling to the Kingdom of God. A career involves making the world a better place, but a calling involves making the Kingdom a better place. Christians who live out a calling transform our cities and communities.

Engage the World

Engaging the World is really about leading others to Christ and eternal significance. God has one mission on His mind–to seek and save the world. The more we get to know God, the more we will engage the world with His mission.