Kirsten Brock, President

Mariel Williams, Vice  President

Brianna Harrison, Secretary

Taylor Watson, Asst. Secretary

Kelia Taylor, Treasurer

Brittany Neubia, Chaplain


Supersede the pressures and influences of society. Having a renewed mind and not be conformed to the world's desires. Bringing Christ into the lives of the present and future generations. To continue growing in Christ, sharing the truth with love and compassion. Bringing hope and be faithful in our service and proclaiming the Gospel of the world. 


Is there anything more freeing, more thrilling, or more strengthening than the truth that God Almighty is your refuge - all day, every day in the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of life? Our purpose is to set our minds and hearts to produce the Fruit of the Spirit and not of the flesh. To live in a state of unbroken worship and glorifying God in every way we can. Letting God's Spirit conform us to the image of his son. Reading, meditating, discussing, practicing, praying and adopting scripture in our hearts. To use the supernatural spiritual gifts God has instilled in us all to minister to all people. We accept the call to minister to all people, as ministry is God's plan. It is His will for all of our lives today!

Meeting times: Every 4th Saturday at 11 a.m.

Upcoming Activities and Events

Faith Group/Book Club: TBA in the Admin building

Round-table with Pastor C. every 3rd Tuesday of every other month.

Next Round-table: TBA